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Discount Cigarettes Online

Smokers in the U.S. have been privileged in having the option of buying discount cigarettes online. Many other countries around the world prohibit the purchase of cigarettes online as laws and legislations state that internet sales of cigarettes is illegal.


Import duties of cigarettes are another key reason to why smokers in areas like the U.K do not order cigarettes online. The duties are so ridiculously high that it’s not worth shipping cigarettes in from abroad; it just works out more expensive. There are also taxes that have to be paid when purchasing cigarettes, but this can be avoided also in the U.S where if cigarettes are shipped in from bonded warehouses taxes on cigarettes are not eligible.

Discount Marlboro Cigarettes

In America online ordering of cigarettes seems very favourable as the discounted prices are so attractive that smokers are willing to wait for their cigarettes to be delivered. The avoidance of taxes and import duties on cigarettes means that prices are extremely low in comparison to cigarettes in shops in most places of the U.S.A.


Just to give a few example of some online discount cigarette prices and comparisons to those that are sold within the U.S you will be amazed…


Online Marlboro Lights (1 carton) >>> $15.40 average price


U.S. Marlboro Lights (1 carton) >>> $80.00 lowest price

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Online Discount Cigarette Savings

You can see the differences in prices are quite dramatic, and understandable for Americans to choose ordering their cigarettes in from online sources. To be saving $50-$60 on cigarettes on every carton is somewhat extraordinary. Despite the risks in ordering cigarettes online, smokers in the U.S. are definitely going to consider ordering cigarettes online as an option. least $20!

Discount Cigarette Prices

Prices of online cigarettes can be further more discounted when ordering larger quantities. Say if you order 6 cartons of cigarettes from a site. There is also the matter of shipping charges although that are added to these prices, it only makes orders of cigarettes increase by about $5 on average depending on the quantity in cigarettes you order. Even with shipping charges and processing charges of online cigarettes, prices of online cigarettes are really tempting for smokers looking online.


European cigarettes seem to be the most discounted cigarettes available online. The fact that they are made in Europe doesn’t really bother smokers in the U.S. too much, internet sales prove this. Prices are so low that American smokers are willing to try European cigarettes at these discounted prices even if they are not sure of the taste difference